What Is the Objetive?

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What Is the Objetive?

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As previously mentioned, the objective of labor law is to protect the collaborator or worker at all costs, which could imply as:

Regulate rights of both parties (company and collaborator/worker).

Regulate labor conditions that concern salary, hours, working hours, type of contract, labor benefits, layoffs, vacations, among others.

Keep under control conflicts Argentina WhatsApp Number list or future conflicts between the parties.

How was labor law born in the world?

At the end of the 13th century in england, the industrial revolution broke out, where it was possible to see the extreme economic inequality that workers suffered in the country and that precarious situation spread throughout europe.


The working conditions that these people had were exhausting since they were related to uprising, exploitation and extreme poverty; but over time he was able to change this situation for the benefit not only of workers or collaborators in europe but of the whole world.

As we can see, labor law is extremely important in today's world that not only protects workers who have a contract but also protects workers who can be freelance as in many cases. We have to take into account that labor rights are vital to maintain order and proper functioning of work.

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